Airmail's Weather Fax Companion

updated Nov 3, 2010 (Viewfax beta 5.056)


Looking for a grib viewer? See "Viewfax" below (or the new "beta" version which supports direct-download from Saildocs).


A new version of Airmail's weather fax program is available, including an updated Grib/Fax viewer (Viewfax) which can display grib weather-data files as well as most graphical weatherfax image files. This is still work-in-process and will continue to be updated. The help files are not included yet, but "readme" notes pop up into Airmail when new versions are installed.


The package consists of two programs: Viewfax, a general Grib/Fax viewer which can open and display grib weather-data files, as well as most graphics formats; and Getfax, a wefax acquisition program which copies weather fax images from HF radio and saves them as standard image files. (Getfax will also copy Navtex/FEC, RTTY or Morse broadcasts).


Important: These programs are licensed without charge for use as noted below.

·  Weather Fax: Airmail (ver 3.4) now includes a weather fax module.


The previous stand-alone program "Getfax" is available here for older versions of Airmail, or stand-alone use, click here to download (ver 4.4.19, about 1.1MB). Includes Getfax to receive faxes, and Viewfax grib/fax viewer (above, downloadable separately). Also includes the NOAA radiofax schedule (rfax.pdf). This version allows frequency to be set via station and frequency-selection boxes, once fax mode is selected. An auto-fax mode is also provided for scheduled reception. (Ver 4.4.19 incorporates the latest Airmail radio drivers and includes support for the new SCS PTC-IIusb modem). Getfax is licensed without charge for licensed users of Airmail (i.e. Sailmail members, hams and other licensed users).


NOTE: For Windows Vista and Win-7, Airmail ver 3.4 is highly recommended: Airmail download page

·  "Viewfax" Grib/Fax Viewer:  This is included with Airmail downloads, but can be downloaded separately here.  Viewfax is licensed without charge for non-commercial use, see the included “readme” file (in Airmail’s Inbox folder or in the Airmail/Import folder).  The Airmail viewer is available to view grib weather-data files as well as most graphics image files (including wefax images). Click here to download (Viewfax cer 4.3.4, installs into the same folder as Airmail). With the latest Airmail release, grib files (and most graphics files) can be opened directly from Airmail’s message window by double-clicking or simply hitting the Enter key when the icon is selected.

· New "Viewfax" Grib/Fax Viewer: This is still work-in-process but mostly complete, a beta copy of the new "Viewfax" Grib/Fax viewer can be downloaded here (ver 5.0.056). The graphics display is completely new and supports transparent layers, allowing more flexibility in display of upper-level and wave data (e.g. as a color-gradient background).  Gribs, fax images, and text forecasts can be downloaded directly from the Saildocs server (if an internet connection is available), see the File menu, "Get Data". Also a new position-entry window is available (under the View menu).

Download this file to a "downloads" folder, then run that file and install the program. It can be installed as a stand-alone program, separately from Airmail/Sailmail, see above.